Type Label/ Packaging/ User Manual Localization

The product type label aids in selling a company's product and can be an important aspect of marketing. It serves first and foremost as a communication interface, giving consumers the product specifications as well as regulatory information. Perhaps more importantly, it also serves to bring across to the consumers the perceived value of the product, and in part the image of the company.

Apart from the marketing aspect, certain legal requirements must be taken into consideration when designing a product label to ensure that it complies with the regulations set by different countries. Therefore, when a company designs a label it must take all of these factors into consideration.

In addition, product packaging and labeling distinguishes your brand, presents an image, and also provides instructions for its use. It also serves as a tool to distinguish your product from your competitor's. In sum, your product packaging is the best form of promotion there is.

Taking into account cultural and social differences among various international markets, the localisation of a product and product manual is often critical to its success, especially when exporting to new markets.

At SPADE, we see this as an investment and insurance of sorts. A localization consultancy such as SPADE can help you avoid issues like costly overruns by being involved in the early stages of your project.