Undisputedly, casino gaming is a multi- billion dollars industry with renowned operators spanning the globe with high year on year growth. Most of the casino related games have either been integrated with a full or partial automated machine to bring forth a new level of excitement to the market while countless new games are being developed every year. In fact all forms of games of chance today heavily depend upon advanced electronics, computer and information technologies.

Surely, we can anticipate more and more avant-garde and creative gaming machines to be introduced into the market in the coming future. Unlike other electronics products, not all countries allow casino games, and of those which do not all would have their own enforcement bodies and standards to regulate the gaming machines. These standards with technical requirements are not harmonised thus making market access for manufacturers very difficult as they need to adapt to a large variety of technical requirements around the globe.

Spade Consultancy Pte Ltd is proud to announce that we have the capability to undertake the below mentioned for your gaming machines and related technologies: 

    ♠ Gaming testing for all land based and internet products for the regulated markets of Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and a large number of North American jurisdictions.
    ♠ Electrical Safety Testing and certification for global markets
    ♠ Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing and certification for global markets
    ♠ Information security management system audits and certification (ISO/IEC 27001:2005)
    ♠ Quality management system audits and certification (ISO 9001:2008)
    ♠ RoHS

Should you require Testing and Type Approval works for your gaming machine and/or related technologies please contact us at  or +65 62255850 to gather more details.