Solar Panels Modules/ Inverters

Demand for green energy has grown substantially over the past few years, driven mainly by rising costs of conventional energy, increased awareness of environmental protection, and political support / targets.

As a manufacturer, retailer or importer of Solar, Wind or Fuel Cell technologies, you will be faced with many specific challenges like designing a product that functions effectively with the various in In-Country Climatic Differences, understanding and complying with the various Grid Interconnection requirements and developing products that meet the increasing reliability requirements so as to create a distinct advantage for your products.

SPADE facilitates fast market access for manufacturers and retailers/importers of complete Green Energy systems or individual components such as the fuel cell, the solar panel or the inverter. We provide a wide range of Green Energy services, namely Photovoltaic (PV) Inverter testing for regulatory EMC, Safety, Environmental Performance and Grid Protection, assistance in ensuring compliance with international standards/requirements for inverters to obtain GS, NRTL(USA) and PV Gap Certifications, as well as Pre-shipment Inspection.

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