In today's market where wireless technology is highly diffused and widespread, wireless features built into products and devices are generally commonplace. Product success thus hinges on performance reliability and safety aspects of the wireless devices. However, before a wireless product can be marketed, it is mandatory for the device to be certified for product safety and reliability that conforms to international standards.

SPADE provides regulatory testing services to ensure that wireless products meet harmonized standards set by the FCC and EU, as well as IC requirements. We offer EMC(electro-magnetic compatibility) testing, 3D Antenna Pattern and Special Absorption Rate Measurements, Dynamic Frequency Selection as a FCC approved vendor, WiMax Conformance testing , Bluetooth Protocol/Profile testing and BQE services, GSM and 3G Technology testing, Conformance testing for all four frequencies (GSM 850/900/1800/1900), Over-the-air (OTA) Performance testing, as well as Field Trials for 2G, 2.5G, 3G and the IOP that are in accordance with GCF requirements.

SPADE’s appointed laboratories (TCB) provide our clients with comprehensive wireless testing and certification services for various wireless categories, namely ZigBee, Short Range Devices (SRD), RFID, Wi-Fi®, WiMAX, Bluetooth®, Notified body certification, ISDN and analogue network access, Telecommunication, GSM (2G and 3G/ Dual and Quad band), and the WCDMA.

We provide certification to handheld Cellular/PCS, GSM/DCS devices and other categories, and are able of issuing a FCC Grant of Certification in less than one week.

We are a one-stop point of contact for your testing and certification needs pertaining to wireless devices and products.

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