Electro-Magnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing, commonly referred to as 'EMC testing', has become an integral component of product design all over the world.

European Committee for Electro technical Standardization (CENELEC) has deemed it mandatory for electronic equipments marketed in Europe to meet a certain regulatory standard. Directives are set in place to provide consumers with high degrees of confidence that the equipment will operate reliably when used or installed in its intended environment.

Unfortunately for manufacturers of electronic equipment, these standards are constantly evolving. Changes to the standards may be relatively minor while others can completely supersede old standards.

Although applying the most updated version standard to your equipment insures the salability of your products in the European market and is the sure-fire way to avoid re-testing and costly design changes to meet new requirements for the most drawn-out period of time possible, keeping in pace with the changes can be a tedious and enormous task for designers and manufacturers. 

SPADE understands the importance of a product’s time to market. We specialize in assisting manufacturers in achieving compliance and obtain their Declaration of Conformity in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Let SPADE Consultancy Pte Ltd help you administrate the most up to date standards and testing for your equipment. We track standard updates so you don't have to.