Environmental Reliability

With the escalation of customer expectations for product durability and reliability today, engineers will have to put their products to extensive trials to ensure that their products can effectively withstand the test of time and the environmental forces.

All products, whether industrial, domestic or military, are susceptible to stresses inflicted on them over time by the environment in which they operate. Temperature changes, vibration stresses and other environmental conditions are factors that shorten the expected lifespan of products.

It is therefore essential that you understand how your products perform under these conditions before placing them in the market as field failures and product recalls can severely undermine the success of product launches. In addition, understanding your product’s reliability to perform in a given operating environment also allows for scheduled replacements, reduces untimely breakdowns and also increases productivity.

SPADE’s designated test laboratories include a variety of environmental test equipments which are used to simulate almost any environment. We utilize state of the art environmental chambers and mechanical test equipments to provide highly customizable tests for a wide range of products to afford you quick turnaround for your projects.

We provide product environmental and reliability testing which involves the acceleration of the product's aging process to predict its lifecycle, analyse the modes of failure and filtering out those products weakness for design improvement before they are put into production and subsequently, into their service operating environment. Our expansive scope of product tests include climatic testing, mechanical testing, accelerated life testing and pre and post test measurement and validation.


In SPADE, we understand the importance you place on obtaining accurate, repeatable data from every test. We also know that you prefer that all of your tests need be consolidated handled by one responsible test service provider, minimizing coordination with multiple test house parties’ requirements and processes.

To provide this consistency and continuity, and to make testing the experience you expect, SPADE Consultancy Services is truly a “one stop shop” – for all your testing needs. Working with our client to address their product environmental testing needs and matching them to the appropriate test house capabilities giving cost effectiveness, quick turn around time and complete confidentiality.

Our consultants and specialist are dedicated to providing unparalleled service to our clients based on specific project needs. Client services encompass various aspects of products’ environmental & reliability testing services coupled with selecting the appropriate laboratory combining together to give our clients seamless project-level execution quickly, reliably and cost effectively.

Our superior performance comes from our commitment to people and skills sets. Each of our field specialist consultant work closely with you to develop the scope of the project as well as the test plan. After planning the program, they manage your test and closely monitor progress and development as a complete “turn-key” service.