Product Safety

The electro technical field is governed by a special directive, the "Low Voltage Directive" (LVD). It was established in 1973 - 20 years before the "New Approach" directives, and is considered the prototype for the concept of the "New Approach" directives.

LVD ensures safety in the use of electrical equipment within voltage ratings of 50 and 1000 Volts for alternating currents and between 75 and 1500 Volts for direct currents. It covers consumer goods and equipments which operate within the said voltage limits, namely domestic electrical appliances, hand tools, lighting equipment, electric wiring, cables and piping, and installation equipment. The directive covers all safety aspects of this equipment, including protection from hazards of mechanical origins.

SPADE’s appointed laboratories perform construction reviews and manual evaluation in accordance with the equipment’s appropriate European standards and directives to provide you with a written construction evaluation letter. Equipments will be fully tested in accordance with the standard requirements. Upon passing the test and receiving your response to the evaluation letter, we shall issue a formal test report for the product.

Our Staff and Engineers will continue to inform our valued clients to keep them in the know on the project progress from inception through to completion.