International Certification

As companies market their products in the global market, they will discover that individual country has specific regulations and trade restrictions that are obstacles to product launch. Thus, to ensure product and marketing success, gaining international approvals and obtaining certifications for compliance with international standards or country specific standards are necessary.

SPADE Consultancy provides International Certification Services that span over 250 countries, covering sectors ranging from Hazardous Facilities and Equipment, Explosives and Pyrotechnics, Medical Facilities and Equipment, Industrial and Consumer Equipment.

Through our local partners across the Asia-Pacific region, we offer leading turnkey solutions for fast, efficient, and end-to-end approval support which range from consulting, technical documents preparation, testing, troubleshooting of failures, labelling consultation and final certificate approvals.

This includes taking your products from the initial step of determining approval requirements to the formulation of the best approval strategy. We assist you in your preparations for the compliance applications as well as offer on-site engineering test support when country-specific testing is required. We would follow through with the targeted regulatory authorities to ensure certifications are issued within the shortest possible time.

Our local representatives are able to hold certificates on behalf of clienteles whom lack a local presence in the targeted market. SPADE Consultancy’s local representative service can significantly reduce the time and effort required to overcome the need for companies to source for a reliable local representative.

We offer our clienteles a one-stop station via our established network of partner firms located throughout the globe. These arrangements provide the flexibility of not having approvals tied to any single distributor as well as overcome the issue pertaining to the lack of local legislation knowledge and local presence to meet regulatory requirements.