Flammable Petroleum Products Management

Petroleum and flammable materials (P&FM) can pose fire risks and endanger life and property in the event of fire. It is also important that such materials do not fall into the hands of terrorists or their collaborators and be used as weapons for mass destruction.

The need to setup Licensing Control, Emergency Preparedness Centre, Risk Assessment and Training Programs for the movement and distribution of P&FM is important to ensure a safe home and work place.

SPADE Consultancy is adept in this domain in which we offer our clienteles an extensive suite of services in which is a rarity globally with consulting, testing and global certifications. Our extensive service list includes but not limited to the below:
  • Emergency Preparedness Centre
  • Fire Safe Training and Development
  • Risk Assessment for transportation/ handling/ storing of Petroleum and Flammable materials
  • Petroleum and Flammable Material Licenses