Explosives Certification

Explosives and pyrotechnical articles including detonating cords, propellants, pre-products and detonators are often used in the various sectors like oil and gas, military and civil. It is imperative that these products are carefully assessed and approved prior to storage and usage, or else devastating consequences could have happen.

SPADE Consultancy is adept in this domain in which we offer our clienteles an extensive suite of services in which is a rarity globally with consulting, testing and global certifications. Our extensive service list includes but not limited to the below:
  • Explosives for Civil use (93/15/EC) and of Pyrotechnical Articles (2007/23/EC)
  • Explosives for Civil use Directive (2014/28/EU)
  • The Pyrotechnical Articles Directive (2013/29/EU)
  • Prescribed conditions for Licenses to Possess, Manufacture, Store and Handle Explosive Precursors